Brand Development and creating audience.

For a brand it is most important to have an audience. If you define your audience as ‘everyone’ then you are selling to no one. To develop a brand, it is very important to be focused and start with a goal.

Consider your brand just like a person and branding is its personality. Every successful person has a goal to achieve and so should a brand.

Define the goal of your brand, what it is about and who is it for. Who is it for, can’t be ‘everyone’. While you are defining you customer, don’t just make it about the demographic classification, it should also be based the factors like what do they desire, what they don’t like, what do they believe in.

Now based on that, start defining the personality of your brand by asking following five questions:

  1. 1. What are the core values?
  2. 2. What is your brand promise to its customers?
  3. 3. How are you unique from your other brands?
  4. 4. How do you want to position it in the market?
  5. 5. How it should look like and connect with the audience?

Answer to these questions can be very clear and short within few words or can also be a page long. These are the question which will help you figure out how your brand and its branding should be. Also, when you define your brand audience, you get the idea of who you want to sell your products/services to. With these facts, you can develop customize strategies to develop your brand and similarly you can build strategies to target your audience and reach them.

If you need help with all of this or some of these works, let me know.