Take a course that helps you understand your business needs better and enable you to enhance performance

Be your own boss
How to start your own business

  1. Mindset training
  2. How to do market research
  3. Start-up planning
  4. Plan implementation
  5. Working and checks

Home to Market
How to launch your business

  1. Product / service research
  2. Strategy building
  3. Market feedback
  4. Recheck and upgrades

Branding and Marketing basics

  1. Introduction to Branding
  2. Methodology of Branding
  3. Branding as a support system of Marketing
  4. Pure Marketing
  5. Marketing to Advertising


  1. Introduction
  2. Principles of Advertising
  3. Effective strategies
  4. Commercial Planning
  5. Reviews and reports


  1. How to create effective content
  2. How to write an effective copy that results in more conversions and revenue generation

Digital Marketing

  1. Introduction to digital marketing platforms
  2. Set up and manage different social media platforms
  3. Google analytics and AdWords
  4. Profitable strategy building
  5. Choosing and defining audience
  6. Targeted Content creation
  7. Use of tools
  8. Campaign set up and management


Stay updated with the brand market around you and the trends to get ahead. We host webinars related to Branding and Marketing, and also webinars with industrial experts to get you what you need.

Series : Building Brand

Webinar 1

Branding trends of last 2 years and most effective of them  (Free)

Webinar 2

Defining your brand and target audience  (Free)

Webinar 3

Role of market research and important points

Webinar 4

Branding strategies development

Webinar 5

Effective Brand Communication

Webinar 6

Branding and Marketing Revolution