Is your past bothering you?

3.08 billion is the number of social network users worldwide in 2020. Isn’t that enormous? The power of social media is huge if used correctly.

We have come a long way from the time when offline media was the only option. There was neither a way to define your target audience nor was there any control over the budget.

Social media give you total freedom of defining what you want and deliver exactly that. You have full control on your spending budget for all sort of promotions. The best part is you can see how your strategies are working and can keep updating it time to time. This is interesting because it lets your marketing process evolve as per your target audience’s behavior. Additionally, the social media marketing is way cheaper than any of other marketing methods.

Social media is an ever changing and evolving communication technology. Whether its addition of new features or an upgrade in algorithm, it is always progressing and digital marketers need the catch up with it all the time. When there is so much of change one thing remains common “The attention time” of the users. People spend a lot of time browsing videos on youtube, checking facebook update, Instagram pictures, reading and sharing tweets on twitter and so much more. While doing all these activities they are giving their attention to all the respective platforms. That’s where you have to play your cards correctly to get attention from your desired set of users who can be your potential customers.

When you spend on digital marketing you never buy from the platform, you buy from the users their attention time. No matter how much ever the media evolves it will always have the attention of its users and probably more than before.

Now, although you have to buy same thing (attention time of users) on all the platform, the strategies should always be different. Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and every other social media platform is different in its nature. You may find the same users on Facebook and Pinterest but they will have a different mindset while using Facebook than the mindset while using Pinterest. That’s because the context of the both the media is different and that’s the base of your marketing activities. To make successful marketing strategies you always need to analyze your consumer’s behavior and learn from it.

While starting digital marketing for your business you first need to decide your target audience and check where you will find most of it. Based on that result you can choose the most suitable platform and focus on it. However all the platforms can still be used for branding but not all will help to generate leads. Platforms like linkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram are very much underestimated for their potential. If you know your target audience well, and are able to identify their social media behavior, with the right strategies you can get the greatest results from social media marketing.

If you think you can’t identify behavior or don’t have enough time to build effective strategies, hire an agency who can dedicatedly work for marketing of your business, but do not let this powerful media of generating leads and growing your business go waste.